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SNP COLLEGE is our comprehensive education programme that will enhance your membership and boost your participation in the Party.


Level up for the future

With SNP COLLEGE you will be able to take learning pathways crafted specifically for SNP Members enabling you to level up your involvement.

How to use SNP COLLEGE

This course will set you up for your best experience of SNP COLLEGE

Voter ID

Voter ID is the foundation of our phased campaign approach. Take this course to learn why and how we do it.

Learn new skills anytime and anywhere!



You can enjoy a wide range of courses to match your interests as well as;

Quickly learn valuable new personal and campaigning skills

Experience convenient anytime delivery for your schedule

Fast track to being more engaged in the SNP

Benefit from experienced and highly skilled SNP leaders as instructors

Access very affordable annual year round education

Thumbs Up

Help the SNP win more local and national elections


“SNP College is a fantastic resource that provides every one of us the knowledge and key skills needed to persuade others of the benefits of independence.”

Humza Yousaf Party Leader

“This is a fantastic resource to support SNP members access the information they need to engage in all aspects of the party and our work.”

Julie Hepburn Former National Political Education Convener

“College has excellent courses to support our members in being activists and organisers. It's a vital tool for any party member.”

Jennifer Layden National Organisation Convener

“This is the most comprehensive college for political knowledge I have ever seen. You will be much better informed and even more inspired once you complete this highly effective programme.”

Joe Goldblatt Emeritus Professor and Adult Education Specialist



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